Tuesday, July 1, 2014


We've recently had a renewed interest in this blog---www.torunistolive.blogspot.com ---check the archive section at the right of this page--- I have 350+ posts on everything related to running, many are totally unlike anything you'll see on other running sites. A good place to start may be the very first post from December 24, 2010 entitled--What This Site is About.
Not to sound immodest but this site has been extremely popular over the years.

Another Stotan/Cerutty blog:

I'm also on Facebook--Go to-- Stotan Runners.
Update--December 18, 2016--Those interested in emailing me with questions or training advice--
--I can be reached at cavalldavid@yahoo.com--I do not use the gmail account--with 58 years of running and racing experience I have learned a few things along the way---