Tuesday, July 1, 2014


We've recently had a renewed interest in this blog---www.torunistolive.blogspot.com ---check the archive section at the right of this page--- I have 350+ posts on everything related to running, many are totally unlike anything you'll see on other running sites. A good place to start may be the very first post from December 24, 2010 entitled--What This Site is About.
Not to sound immodest but this site has been extremely popular over the years.

Another Stotan/Cerutty blog:
Although I have only had a few posts this year(2017--but now have 300+ in 2020). it is my plan to have at least two articles a week from here on out. This Blog will be an extension of my ToRunIsToLive one referenced above.For those who have followed me on the other site, consider doing so on this one. Thanks, Dave.

I am no longer on Facebook--The addiction has been overcome(ha-ha). Addendum---By popular demand, a minimally updated FB page called Stotans United
Update--December 18, 2016--For those who are interested in emailing me with questions about running or desiring training advice--
--I can be reached at cavalldavid@yahoo.com--I do not use the gmail account--with 58 years of running and racing experience I have learned a few things along the way---I am not looking to be a paid coach, I'm simply happy to give free running advice to those who might be interested.
Oh yes--it has been pointed out to me that on Twitter and a few other social media outlets that there  are torunistolive 'addresses' (for lack of a better word), I am in no way affiliated with them.
Livingthestotanlife and this blog here, plus Stotans United on Facebook are my only ones.