Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Sometimes Forgotten Aspect of Success

Success isn't always measured by races won and pr's set.Percy Cerutty describes something that can be forgotten in our quest to succeed. The following is a quote from his book, Success: In Sport and Life: "Perhaps the greatest success is found when we achieve victory over ourselves. And that, perhaps, is the greatest reward that can be obtained from participation in athletics and sport,generally--the victory over our own nature,our weaknesses,our tendency,perhaps,to rush to alibis, palliatives,and excuses,rather than to admit our moments of weakness: of capitulation(surrender). So we come to the realisation that the qualitative factor in success is purely personal, and that it is not something that can be measured only by the distance ran,the time recorded,the weight lifted or thrown,the height jumped,or the victories achieved over others. In this way success is subjective although the aims and ambitions may appear purely objective." Well put and insightful.

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