Friday, July 15, 2011

You Know Running Is Your Life When

I know there are common thoughts and feelings among those who live for the run. Take a few moments and consider the following reflections on running. You Know Running Is Your Life When: 1.How your run or workout went has alot to do with the kind of mood you'll be in for the rest of the day. 2.On a related note, you find yourself obsessing over any twinges or aches experienced during a workout,repeatedly "testing" it to see if it's still there. 3.It still feels good to get a new pair of running shoes. 4. You know there is a silent camaraderie that exists among runners as you pass each other along the way. 5. Shortly after getting up each morning you think about how your legs feel and remind yourself as to what and where your next run will be. 6.You are truly baffled when a long-time running buddy says that he's quit running ,or, that he is planning to take up cycling. 7. You've got a few running shirts that you make a point of wearing to certain workouts and races. 8. You definitely believe that despite getting older, you still think you can hit your times from years ago, it's just gonna take some "tweaking" of your training schedule. 9. You bite your tongue when your significant other tries to console you after a bad race by saying: "Your 61 yrs. old for heavens sake, I think you did pretty good." 10. You feel ageless while out on a long early morning trail run. After,when you are standing around having a drink before heading home, there is this kind of calm, satisfied feeling you have that is impossible to describe to those who don't run. May everyone have a run like that this weekend.

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  1. That's Allison Roe of New Zealand running through the country near,of all places,Cleveland.