Wednesday, January 11, 2012

10 Things To Consider For Those Seeking Athletic Success

The author of the following is unknown.The list you are about to read should be considered by those desiring success in distance running.
1.There never was a champion who to himself was a good loser. There is a vast difference between a good sport and a good loser.
2.Never sacrifice a principle for a temporary gain.
3.Keep learning,don't think you know all the answers.
4.Pay special attention to weaknesses and correct them.
5.Sometimes it takes patience to endure the monotony of repetition that you will occasionally encounter in training.
6.When you make a mistake,admit it, and then go about the process of correcting it.
7.Always treat your competitors with respect.
8.The hard work that is a part of your sport isn't something to be dreaded.
9.Mistakes are inevitable,but do all you can to avoid repeating them.
10.Never lose confidence in yourself.
As Cerutty wrote, the true athlete is a thoughtful person,a person of character who is curious,ambitious,eager to learn and ready to confront the challenges they encounter in their sport and life. Too many athletes who who say they desire success in sports today, believe the beginning and end of their quest is confined to the practice field.

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