Sunday, March 24, 2013

Running As I Teach It

"Running as I teach it is not a sport or physical activity so much as being a complete expression of ourselves,physical,mental,spiritual,if we can admit of this being something above the mental and artistic.Therefore running as I teach it is to teach the full and complete development of the athlete. One of the ways he attempts to express this development is in superlative running.The training for running therefore becomes an integral part of our life plan and not merely a pastime to be dropped as of no further value when we leave high school or college as does appear to be the case in the USA.
Such a basic human activity as running surely must still have a deep importance to us in our physical and psychological states.Not only can we continue to express ourselves happily as long as we live,but quite incidentally,to do so implies an intelligent aptitude to how we life---in a word intelligent fitness." (Quote by Percy Cerutty).
One of the many things I derive from the above is that a life is incomplete without some type of physical activity, or physical expression, as some once referred to it. Cerutty wrote this in an era when most adults viewed "working out" and participation in sports as something to be done only by the youth. Another thing,although more adults than ever are doing some type of fitness regimen, most are missing out on the true benefit of training when they simply view it as a means of "keeping in shape." To those who feel this way,read the books of Cerutty,get a copy of his biography,Why Die. Your training and life will take on a whole new dimension.

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