Thursday, August 4, 2011

On Coaching

Often I hear or read about people asking if they should have a running coach. I think for us mere "mortals" it isn't necessary. When I use the word mortal I'm referring to those of us who will never be toeing the line in a national championship, much less an Olympics. Of course, it goes without saying that kids in school and college need a coach. As a coach myself, I understand where providing some informal advice,direction and feedback can be helpful to an athlete but I am always amazed at how many runners are quite willing to give up their hard earned cash to be coached via internet or telephone. It is not my desire however to disparage the well intentioned coaches that do this. The key words here are well intentioned. Something I do see is alot of runners who want someone else to do their thinking for them when it comes to training and schedules. They are frankly too lazy to seek out the right program and prefer that someone else just tell them what to do. As I have written before, what works for one runner may not necessarily work for another. If you truly want to run well, isn't it worth it to take the time to study and look into which program will be right for you? Cerutty said that he wanted his athletes to eventually be able to formulate their own training programs. He did add that as a coach and an athlete he would be available to provide input,advice,and encouragement along the way. Ideally, that is the way to go, the athlete determining his or her own way.


  1. Thanks,you and Harve Skip Sipel are my go to guys if I need running info.