Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rambling Running Thoughts,pt.1

Some recent rambling thoughts conceived while out on a long easy run.
Shocking!: Still thinking about this one. Dug out a Runners World from July 1979 which covered that year's Boston Marathon.Guess how many Americans ran under 2:20 in that race? Come on, give it a guess. Are you ready for this? I'm asking because I know no one out there will get it right. Thirty-five Americans, yes 35, ran under 2:20. How many Americans finished under 2:20 at Boston this year? Were there 5 runners? I tried to get a number but had trouble obtaining complete results. From what I was able to piece together it may have been 5. What has happened? I have some ideas but that is a subject for another post.
Don't Eat: If you don't do so already try running on an empty stomach as recommended by Van Aaken. It really makes the run seem easier.
Think About This: As far as your commitment to running,you're either into it or your not.
Breakthrough Runs: You've got to love them. These are the runs(workouts) where you realize you've reached your next level of fitness.
The Three D's: Dedication,Discipline and Determination. You must have all three in your quest for excellence in running and life.

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