Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Runner's New Year's Resolutions

As I said the other day,it seems as if it is becoming less fashionable to make New Year's resolutions. To those who choose to dismiss doing so, I would ask this,isn't there anything you would like to do or change about yourself in the coming year? I'm always amazed when I hear older people reflecting on the life they have lived and saying,"If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a single thing." As an older guy, I can tell you that years ago at the age of 40 there would have been a few things I would have done differently if I were given the opportunity. But,again, I digress. What follows are one runner's resolutions,if you haven't done so already,give some thought on what you are doing and what you would like to do in 2012.Here goes: 1. I'll not wait so long before buying a new pair of shoes. That means I won't let aching knees remind me of something I should have known prior to that occurring.
2. Really try to simplify all aspects of my life as Percy Cerutty instructed in his teachings. This means not just getting rid of "stuff" that is basically unused and gathering dust,but also, not overcommitting to too many activities and appointments as well as being preoccupied with obtaining more "toys" and things.Herb Elliott was correct when he said: "The ideal life for an athlete is one of simplicity."
3. In keeping with the theme of selection #2 above, get rid of my cellphone,it has become overused,misused and ultimately a distraction.
4.Stop overeating! I'm thin but overeating is not good for anyone, no matter what size you are.I will eat to live,not live to eat.
5.I will not drink too much beer after races. Oh boy,I think I've found a resolution I'll have trouble keeping. Perhaps I'm saying this because that resolution has been on my last 5 New Year's resolution lists.
6.Stop being negative and pessimistic. Remind myself daily that life is a gift and that tomorrow is promised to no one.Every time I go out for a run I should be thankful. Knowing all that,why do I allow myself to be negative?
7.Follow the Lydiard schedule all the way through this year. Sure, I do as he instructed and customize it to fit who I am as a runner but I will actually complete all the phases.
8.Do a race of a different distance or type,something I haven't done before. Something like the JFK 50,a race that is challenging and has a long,rich history.
9. Stop "kicking it in" on my long runs. It's embarrassing at my age to admit I even do that.
10.Lose the "just hanging on" technique and mindset at the end of races.Instead of maintaining a somewhat reduced pace,how 'bout surging at the end? It's not like I'm ever totally spent when the race is over.
11.A couple of times a week, for starters, I'll do a short,easy morning run,say 15 minutes long. Then,later in the day,I'll do my regular workout. I never raced better then when I did a very light morning "jog" years ago.
As the year ends, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Years'. For those who didn't see my previous announcement,blog posts will now be on Wednesdays and Saturdays. And again,if you haven't taken the opportunity to read the previous posts you can access them all by going to the Archive section on the right side of this page. Thanks to all of you who stop by and take the time to read my ramblings.


  1. Great blog Dave, i'm sure you've answered this many times, but where is the trail around the lake located in your home page photo?

  2. Thanks easy Tiger,
    As far as the picture, I actually got that off the internet. I picked it because it reminded me of an area where I used to train and race in, it was near one of the Finger Lakes next to a massive trail system close to Ithica, New York.It is a phenomenal place to train,it has it all.

  3. Just beautiful, might be the incentive I need to drag my family to the US for our next holiday.