Saturday, December 25, 2010


I think we've all "been there" in regards to racing. Whether we started racing in school or at the local road races,there was a time when racing was the prime motivator for making sure we got out there every day. Many of you may still have this mindset and if you enjoy this aspect of running then that is good. What I am about to address is the subject of racing being viewed as the be all end all for many runners. Have you ever known runners who have either stopped running or become chronically injured as a result of their preoccupation with racing? I have,plenty,myself included. I remember a runner who was extremely successful at local road races telling me that he viewed the training he did as a job.To me that sounded downright depressing. Not surprisingly, to my knowledge, this guy no longer runs. I know another guy who got alot of notice regarding the fact that he used to run the Boston marathon and then another marathon two weeks later.His whole identity as a runner was connected to the fact that he was tough and placed well at races. Today,chronic back problems have limited his running dramatically. As for myself, I got so neurotic over doing well and following very specific training regimens that I actually began to dread racing.I was mentally and physically spent. For awhile I just bagged the whole thing after getting reinjured,again. But of course, I resumed running because life without running wasn't an option. Running is as much a part of my life,and yours, as eating and sleeping.So,I think you know what I'm getting at but it still must be be said and runners need to be reminded, don't let a preoccupation with competing ruin your love for running.

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