Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Ran Alone Today

Soaked with the first step from the Queens South tram,
I walk quickly to Churchill’s Park for my afternoon run.
A tattered black sack with my clothes takes its familiar rest in the bushes by the Cape.
I start my run with slow heavy legs, rain beating down as I go.
Gone are my mates of that sunny yesterday, no one to share the load of this rainy afternoon, no chatter to wile away the miles.
With my first pass done my body starts to warm, legs lighten and the run refreshes.
As each pass comes ‘round I realize I’m no longer running alone, I’m with my heroes Landy, Elliott and Clarke.
The miles fly by, I dream of races to be run as I go longer than ever planned.
My run finished, I duck into the bushes and change to my still dry clothes.
My thoughts turn to tea at a favourite shoppe and the next run with my friends.

So what relevance does the above have to do with this site? It reaffirms two things: one is that weather and day of the week don't deter us from doing something we love, and secondly,for those of us who live for the run,we don't need to have people with us to go out every day.

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