Thursday, February 3, 2011

Something to Think About,pt.5

"I am convinced that movement is life--activity in the human being regenerates,makes for life. That ease,rest,relaxation,unless well-earned,is the way to a painful finish. I have become convinced of this,and I am committed,as long as I have life in me,to a future of activity and exercise. To me there is no other way. Next year,I hope to teach many people the reason for these beliefs. I do not do what I do thoughtlessly. I am a man of technical and scientific training. The whole subject of the health of man,the possibility of regeneration and the certainty of being able to enjoy life to the full,as a man should,is open to everyone. I believe that I am demonstrating that. But the way is not easy.It is hard. Only those of courage would attempt it. But the reward is certain." ( a quote by Percy Cerutty from his biography,Why Die? by Graem Sims).
Two things impress me about the above quote: first,it was probably written in 1947,very few people at that time were teaching the truth that activity and exercise are essential to a long,healthy and happy life. Secondly, to say Cerutty's desire to reach out to others and let them know what he had discovered was admirable,would be an understatement.
Sadly, in this world you see many people who are facing the "painful finish" he describes in this quote. Perhaps we need to take the Cerutty message to them.

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