Friday, February 11, 2011

Something to Think About,pt.6

"There are no secrets to running success,anyone who says there are is probably trying to sell you something." A quote from Real Running,a book by Marty Liquori and John L.Parker.

How true the above is.It seems every year or so there is a book that touts a new technique or program that will "revolutionize" your running. Many are well intentioned while others are yet another attempt by an author to make money and gain an audience.I recall one book that was quite popular 10 years ago and promoted a certain technique for running.When I was living in Raleigh I saw that the author was going to have a two day seminar not too far from where I lived. Although I didn't believe in what he was promoting, I thought I'd attend anyway.When I called the contact number I was informed that the charge for attending was $375, needless to say I didn't attend. I believe I've said this before,there are no new techniques for learning how to dribble a basketball,throw a baseball or hit a golf ball,so why should we think there are new ways to train and get ready to race? Conditioning always involves starting at a point where the workouts are less stressful and gradually become more so as your fitness level improves,then there is a point you arrive at where you can race at an optimal level for a certain period of time.There is a natural progression and logic to this system that just makes sense.

I have put up a Stotan Runners page on Facebook that is totally unrelated to this site.It's my attempt to connect with others who have questions about Cerutty,are interested in the Stotans, or are Stotans.As I have said previously,the biggest misconception regarding Stotanism is that it's all about running hard in a cross-country type enviroment. It's much more than that, it's also a philosophy that encompasses values, how you look at life, and how you deal with its challenges.

The above was originally put out this past Friday, due to a computer problem it was deleted the next day. A new quote with a commentary will be posted tomorrow.

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