Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Trojan Horse Syndrome--Two Possible Scenarios

In order to understand the following you need to have read the post from yesterday. What you are about to read is a fictional account of two possible scenarios by someone(Mike Marathon) in response to the concept that running is potentially hazardous to your health.
"Here are possible responses that could occur when someone read the running moderationists latest assumptions. We'll begin by providing a brief background description and then follow with two conceivable reactions. Mike Marathon is a 34 year old runner who resumed serious training about a year ago. Up until that time he had been jogging 5 or 6 times a week for about half an hour. He has experienced a good amount of racing success following a modified Lydiard training schedule. Mike recently told friends he's never felt better. Today however, Mike is in a state of shock after learning that a pea-sized growth on his left testicle will have to be removed surgically. He sits dazed in his living room.
Scenario #1--Mrs.Marathon: Honey,it says in this article in Runners World by Dr.Cooper that running may cause cancers. Mike: I read it......I don't know. Mrs.M: But he's a DOCTOR who's written books on running, he should know! Look here, it says he's the Father of the recent running boon(Editor: yet another "father" of the running boon). You have been running alot. Mike: I love to run, besides, I've only been running 55 miles a week. Mrs. M: Dr.Cooper says here that,that's too much. Mike: Oh boy,I just want to get through this. Mrs. M: If,I mean when this is over you should take Dad up on his offer and start golfing with him at the Country Club. After all,you're 34, you shouldn't be running around like a high schooler! Mike:(long pause) Yeah....maybe I should, everyone at work golfs, they're always telling me I'm crazy to run and that I'll end up like Jim Fixx. Honey, hand me that Dick's Sporting Goods catalogue.
Scenario #2--Mrs Marathon: Honey, I read here in Mike Deebe's running column that he say's Dr. Cooper believes too much running may cause certain cancers. Is that what happened to you? You have been running alot! Mike: Yeah,Yeah, I read that same crap in last month's Runners World. I called Dave of The Stotan News and he referred me to Dr. Colon Towers a cancer surgeon who runs. He told me that testicular cancer is the most common cancer found in males aged 25 to 35. What I got is easily treatable because it was found early,thanks to your weekly checks. Dr Towers also says there is positively no definitive medical research that proves running causes cancer. Actually, findings have shown that eating less and following an aerobic based program prolongs life. Dr Towers believes Dr. Cooper is just using sensationalism to promote his forthcoming book, Run Long,Die Early! Mrs. M: But Honey? Mike: Haven't I told you that you can't believe everything you read? Oh yeah, don't throw out the Runner's World,I need it to line the bottom of kitty's litter pan."
Wasn't it written somewhere, 'You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.' Be very wary of reports and people who say running is a dangerous or unhealthy activity.

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