Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Tribute To Those Who've Stayed With it

Indulge me a bit on this post. As you get older it's inevitable that you get nostalgic at times. The following is a tribute to those "old-timers" who've been at it for longer than they care to mention or may even realize. These are the road warriors who have been a part of the running scene for decades and are still going at it. Still doing the long runs on Sundays,making the sojourn to that special race year after year and drinking beers after races with their core group of road vets.Listen to them and they'll tell you things like this: how the shoe to get back then was some kind of adidas, probably the Marathon Trainer. They'll mention how there wasn't the huge selection available then as there is today. Someone will add that you had mostly adidas,Nike,Etonic and Tigers' to choose from. You're also bound to hear how there weren't as many road races when they were coming up, that entry fees ranged from 7 to 10 dollars with only overall winning female and male trophies given as prizes. It's inevitable that they'll reminisce about fellow runners who have come and gone. Expect to hear classic stories about going to out of town races with the hijinks and post race carryings on included.Listen to them dismiss giving triathlons a shot because they'll say they're more trouble then they're worth.Hear them fail miserably as they try to explain why they're still out there despite declining times and more injuries, however, you'll sense the deep love they have for distance running as they speak. If your hanging with them as the beer continues to flow, expect to be invited to one of "their training runs" held at the ungodly hour of 7am on a Saturday.If you ask them how come so early on a weekend they may say,"that's the time we've always done it, that way we have the rest of the day free." If you go,plan on hitting the local deli for coffee and some kind of pastry after as they talk of the 20 miler scheduled for Sunday. Expect an invite and expect it to get rolling at,you guessed it, 7am. Expect some gentle ribbing when you tell them you can't make it. If you ever ask them the key to getting better,don't be surprised when they simply say, "more running."

Running vets,this one's for you,may you have many more years of running long and healthy.


  1. That's John Stiner in the picture above "workin' it" as I like to say. Is that a pair of Dolphin running shorts he's wearing there? Talk about a blast from the past!

  2. I loved my Dolphin shorts! hmmmmm... think I'll go for a run.

  3. From coast to coast the "old timers" continue their tradition of meeting for long runs together on the weekends. While times have slowed considerably, the fellowship and love of the sport continues. Long runs continue to be the centerpiece of our training schedule.