Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bill Rodgers......Again

I believe Bill Rodgers is one of two U.S. distance running icons we've had in modern times,the other being Frank Shorter. Lengthy careers filled with a multitude of wins give credence to my assertion. We will never see two U.S. runners who perform so well on the world scene again.As I have said before,there never was a better ambassador for distance running than Bill Rodgers. Outgoing and approachable,Bill stands in contrast to the athletes who predominate the sports world today. The other thing that is so great about Bill is that he loves to run.Who can't relate to his quote: "I want to run until I cannot run."
Consider some of these quotes from Bill:
"To be a consistent winner means preparing not just for one day,one month or even one year, but for a lifetime."
How true that is.As Lydiard said, seeing optimal results from a good training system takes years. Also, for those who dream of success in this sport,distance running becomes a part of your lifestyle. While others may talk of their 401k's or the latest stock news,you are relating how next week you're catching a flight to Myrtle Beach to run a marathon.
Another great insight from Bill: "I often lose motivation but it's something I accept as normal."
I wish I'd heard that years ago. Back then I would become very rattled when I would occasionally feel totally fed up and unmotivated.Little did I know that others felt the same way.
On competition:"My whole feeling in terms of racing is that you sometimes have to be aggressive and gamble."
For many of us,there is a tendency to play it safe and just hang on,especially towards the end of a race.When we are fit, there is really no excuse to do so.
Look for more wisdom from Bill in the not too distant future. If you haven't done so previously,go to his website entitled, the Bill Rodgers Running Center.

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