Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pardon the Interruption, pt. 2

Moving back to the woods, leaving the ocean, more to come soon.  It wll take awhile to set up my internet connection.  Next post hopefully will be this Tuesday,make that Wednesday(July 25). 
Go long Sunday!


  1. Hi Dave,
    What up...? Moving back to the woods...?? WTF? Give me a call 919.381.7006 Sounds like some stress; get a massage

  2. It's crazy--I moved from the beach because Topsail Island was getting to be like a mini-Myrtle Beach--the change since I moved there 12 years ago is shocking--- the final straw came when we got the word that they were going to take down the swing bridge that provided access to the Island for decades and replace it with a high rise bridge that would drop down about 200 yards from where we lived--we knew we had to go then. ("pave paradise,put up a parking lot")
    We rented a house in the most remote part of New Hanover county (near Wilmington) we could find.I was supposed to get my telephone and cable set up this past Friday but since where I live is so dense with trees and foliage they are coming back this Friday to dig and put the line under ground. I should be up and running by this Saturday. I'm going to try using my computer at work for today's post. I'll give you a call from work.
    The e-mail I'm going to use from here on out is: