Saturday, February 2, 2013

Angry Al Presents Fred Funt

Some of you may recall Angry Al, he has contributed two articles over the last few years to this blog.For those who don't know him,Al was a guy myself and several other runners used to do our Sunday long runs with in the mid to late seventies. Al was a talker during these runs,always giving his two-cents on the state of running and the world.As his conversation became increasingly opinionated and strident, we would pick up the pace in an effort to shut him up. To his credit,Al,now in his late 60's, is still running.He's as opinionated as ever.Recently,he was bemoaning the state of today's American male distance athlete as compared to the one of decades past.What he had to say was interesting so I asked him to write something up to express how he felt. That he did in about eight hours.What follows is what he sent me.To you younger readers I should give a little background on a few of the things you are about to read. One,Jeff Galloway.Al doesn't like Jeff Galloway.In the early 90's, and perhaps still,Galloway has preached about the dangers of running too much. Al believes Galloway cites flawed and personal prejudices as to why he believes this is so.Meanwhile,Galloway has made a career out of  selling his books and seminars to people on how to get from zero mileage to a marathon in x amount of months.Also,Al is not a fan of the sensitive male runner.Beers and sweat suits are still the way to go. Cross training and fancy gear and gadgets are not for him.To sum it all up,he believes in a time when 'men were men and women were glad of it.' Consider the following by Al,he writes:
"Runner's World Profile:Fred Funt
Runners of some of the U.S.' major marathon's may recognize Fred but it won't be for his finishing times.He's known for the funny hats he wears in the marathons he runs.At the recent Disney Marathon he wore  a huge Mickey Mouse figure on top of his sombrero.Although it weighed close to eight pounds,Fred had a smile and wave for everyone on his way to finishing in 4:58:34.
We're profiling Fred this month for the work he's done  with former Olympian,now coach and writer,Jeff Galloway.Together they have started an internet support group for runners who haven't yet achieved their marathon goals.'It's long overdue Fred states,'  'Jeff has been such a help in offering his computer software programs at a fraction of their cost to runners who are going through some very difficult emotional times.Not reaching your marathon goal(s)can impact every aspect of your life.'  Readers who are interested in their support group can email Fred and Jeff at .
Runner's World salutes Fred for making the running world a better place.
Fred's Profile:
Name:Fred Funt   Age:39
Occupation: Clerk,Fred's working part-time at the college bookstore where he is pursuing a second PHD at SUNY Buffalo. Says Fred, 'My wife says I'm a schoolaholic.'
Marital Status: married to Elizabrth Clare Farrant,an assistant professor at SUNY Buffalo.
Religion:Zen Buddhist
Political Affiliation: Liberal
Favorite Movie:Titanic--'I've watched it at least 9 times.'
Hobbies: 'Elizabeth and I have recently started clogging.'
Favorite Musician: Adele
Favorite adult beverage:Skinny Margarita---
Favorite Food:I'm a strict vegan. I love my celery/tomato bisque.
Favorite non-running sport: Golf
Current Book Your Reading: History of the Modern Women's Movement,1965 to 1969,Vol.1.
Years running:12
Favorite runner: Katherine Switzer Robinson.
Favorite running magazine: Runner's World.
Mileage last week:45, my all-time high. I'm gearing up to hopefully qualify for Boston.
Most important aspects of your training right now: 'my 3x's a week yoga sessions,the hot yoga is a bear! Also, my monthly 20 milers are a cornerstone to my marathon preparation.'
Burning running question: 'Why do I keep running out of gas at the 21 mile mark in my marathons?'
Advice to other runners:'Try not to take it too seriously,after all,it's only running.'
Runner's World Salutes Fred as our Runner of the Month."

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