Saturday, February 16, 2013

On Courage

"It's not something that is talked about much by runners,but there is no getting around it:Some of us face the pain or discomfort of the training run or race better than others. A great deal of pain is actually a fear of the unknown.The elite runner feels the same sensations as all other competitors but they have learned to interpret them not as alarming signals that the body is self-destructing but as indications that the pace is too fast,warning signs that lactic acid is too high or that reserves are too low. What is pain or discomfort to the relatively inexperienced runner is merely information to the elite runner.Physically it feels exactly the same,the difference comes when the brain(conditioned by long hours of training)interprets those tiny electrical impulses." (Quote by Marty Liquori---once ranked #1 in the world at the 5k and mile distances.)
The sooner we dispel the thought that those who are successful in distance running occupy a 'different realm' or are people who don't experience what us average folk do,the more likely we will be to recognize that we can accomplish more than we ever imagined. That is of course if we put the time in and do the work.

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