Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Way to Train,pt.2

We continue to look at Van Aaken's Program For Distance Runners which began yesterday. As I said previously, his recommended mileage,even with walking breaks,seems at times to be overwhelming. Again, you can maintain the essence of his program while adapting it to you. About 20 years ago I did an amended version of the Van Aaken program and ran better than I had in many years and probably better than I have since. Something I think helped me to run so well was dropping 10% below my "normal" weight. There was no way I could reach his recommended 20%.I will begin by repeating the last sentence. "The training ration of endurance distances in relation to the tempo distances is 20:1. The mileage is shortened or extended corresponding to the racing distance preferred. For marathoners the mileage can be up to 40 kilometers and an 800 meter runner between 15 to 20 kilometers per day. The tempo runs are determined by using the runner's best racing times. A 5,000 meter runner,capable of 15 minutes will frequently do 5x1000 meters in three minutes, a 1:44 800 runner will do 6x200 in 26 sec.,etc. The tempo for the part distances will after practice be set by instinct without using a stopwatch. It is also advisable for all athletes to train for the next above racing distance. An 800 runner should be able to reach a reasonable time even in the 5,000. The longest distance to be performed in training, many times longer than the racing distance, should be run at the beginning or end of the week. For the 800 exponent this would be at least 12 to 15 miles; for the marathoner 36 to even 40 miles, to build the foundation to last through the 26 miles at racing speed. In the first years such distances should be covered in parts of 2-3 miles with walking breaks." As many are planning their training for the fall marathon season, maybe this would be a good time to try something different. The Van Aaken Method is one of those books that every serious runner should have. Coming later this week,Recurring Beliefs on Training and Live Like an Athlete.

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