Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What Running Is

What follows is a quote by Joe Henderson.For those who might not know,Henderson joined Runners World magazine as editor in 1970 and remained there for 33 years. His bio says he was RW's first full-time employee and is credited with bringing the legendary Dr. George Sheehan on as a contributor in the early 70's. Henderson has written somewhere around 30 books on running,give or take a few. His knowledge and love of running is unquestioned.In the 70's, during the early days of the running boon,running was viewed as a solution to a whole host of things,even cancer. Joe cuts through the hype and writes what running,at least in part,can be. "We need to praise running for what it is. There are safer ways to exercise than this,better ways to meditate,quicker ways to get high,truer ways to find religion,easier ways to have fun. I don't deny that running gives some of those things. But praising them too highly hides what we really have here--a sport which like all sports has both pain and joy,risk and reward." Well put. The beauty of running is its simplicity. Sometimes trying to achieve through running what Henderson mentions above can detract from that simplicity.

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