Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More Than Records

"One does not have to set world records to feel accomplished. But it is important that you have lived and strived,trained and disciplined yourself as if you had set world records. The setting of the record,or any record,even a personal one----is of no real consequence,except as evidence of something. That something is the knowledge of accomplishment: of power within us: of a job well done."(quote by Percy Cerutty from Athletics: What It Takes To Be A Champion.) There is something to be said about the benefits of setting personal goals in running, even if it is only to achieve a certain time. Doing so can invigorate and give a purpose to your running. It takes focus, committment and discipline on a continuing basis to pursue your goals. You may not win something but there is much satisfaction to be found and a sense of accomplishment in knowing that you stayed the course and made the effort.Cerutty recognized that the qualities needed to train and discipline oneself built character and had a positive impact on all aspects of an athlete's life. I have often wondered if the reason more people don't set goals is because it takes time, discipline,committment and work.

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