Sunday, September 4, 2011

More From Emil

"I consider running--distance running in particular-- the healthiest of all competititive sports. The marathon is not the most arduous sport, as it's commonly known, but the most perfect sport for the human organism. Muscle elasticity,commitment of will,and preparation of the nervous system are all required in a single long run.The ability to recover from stress--not in an armchair,but while actually running--is equally important. The person who can put all these abilities together is a hero,who can rightly congratulate himself on the achievement. Medal or not,such a runner has proved his mettle." a quote from Emil Zatopek. Those who might want to dismiss the above quote should keep in mind that it was made by a multiple gold medal winning Olympian who was one of the hardest trainers to ever grace a track.
Happy to be back up and running,more posts to follow.

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