Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What It May Take

On Becoming A Champion by Percy Cerutty
"One of the evidences of greatness,either to be or arrived at, is the ability to live a solitary life,if need be. The person desiring success or greatness may find that they must act as if they abandon the world(as others know it): they must renounce all the petty goals and pleasures(as others understand them) and give themselves over to the task as they see it with as complete a dedication and subjugation of the self, as far as comfort and subsidiary goals are concerned,as if the whole matter was one of life and death. So, if you're not prepared to go it alone,if you are not able to stand firm on your decisions,if you do not feel you will go on---cost you what it may--if you do not have that almost constant need to strive higher,success may well elude you." Yes, as Cerutty writes so insightfully, achieving what you perceive as success in your running,or your life for that matter,takes a commitment that not everyone is willing to make. To many, the above quote may seem extreme but to those who desire greatness, it is not a call to sacrifice,it is a valuable insight and guide to achieving your goals.

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