Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Runner's List of New Year's Resolutions

It's a common occurrence in the media and elsewhere to disparage the idea of making New Year's Resolutions. Their rationale is that no one keeps them anyway so why bother doing so? To me this is flawed reasoning.You mean,just because you didn't keep them in the past it is not worthwhile to ever again consider or write down things that you wish to do or change about yourself? It is as they say,worthy.Change happens and any direction taken towards positive change is a good thing. What follows is a list of resolutions one runner has made,what are yours going to be?
1. I will follow my training schedule all the way through this year. I am not going to drift off into some type of free form,do as I please routine midway through as I have done in recent years.How can I reap the racing benefits if I don't follow the plan?
2.I will actually use a training log.This is one I've been telling myself I'm going to do for years.I begin with good intentions but get lazy and undisciplined and gradually give up, telling myself that a log is really not necessary.I say this despite the fact that runners much better than myself  use one.Once again,it all boils down to discipline.
3.I will make a concerted effort to go under 3 hours for the marathon one more time. Isn't that the benchmark for us average Joe runners?  It takes planning and total commitment but the journey to that goal makes us better runners and people,if,we allow it to.
4.I will seek out new places to train.I wouldn't say that 'familiarity breeds contempt' but it's good to challenge ourselves with new areas and terrains.As I said the other day,runners tend to be creatures of habit and that may not always be a good thing.
5.I will try running different types of races.Once again,it is essential for runners to venture out of their comfort zone from time to time.
6.I will stick with a regular and appropriate weight training routine.It is a proven, essential part of a runner's training regimen, that among other things,contributes to a runner being less likely to become injured.
7.I will not drink alcohol to excess.Why am I still doing this? You'd think I was addicted or something.
8.I will stop eating junk foods and foods that have no real nutritional value.I will also not overeat which is more destructive to one's health then most people realize.
9.I will give something back to the running community. As a runner I am overly concerned with ME,my training,my diet,myraces,etc. I will volunteer to help at some local road races or mentor some novice runners or...........
10.I will reread the greatest running bio ever written, Pre! by Tom Jordan. It will inspire and remind me of what guts,passion and total commitment really are.I'll read the book slowly and thoughtfully,considering each word. I'll also at some point watch the DVD on his life called, Fire on the Track.

Seems like Monday night might be a great time to start it all off by going long.

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