Wednesday, June 5, 2013


For those of you who are new to this site,if you look to the right side of this page you will see an archive section,check out the articles that began at that end of 2010 and after.You will also see there are things  that you will never read on any other running website.Encourage your friends and those who live for the run to delve into the archives and read those past articles.The key is,they have to have a love for the run.I write for those who can't imagine a life without running.
I am also writing to say that today brings to a close new postings on this site.

I feature a pix of Steve Prefontaine for this last post because he was the last true charismatic hero of American distance running.He was one of those rare runners who provoked interest among people who wouldn't normally be considered fans of Track and Field. No one since his time time has ever captivated the American public like Pre,not Shorter,not Rodgers,not Salazar,not anyone.The fools that occasionally post "on the world's largest running forum" like to remind us that many Americans have run faster than Pre but they miss the whole point,Pre excited us,he got us involved,he showed us what running could be.
Let me leave you with with this:To run is to live. Feel free to contact me anytime at: 
A thank you to everyone who frequents this site!!!!!!


  1. I will never forget the Sunday morning when I was living in a suburb of Buffalo,N.Y. and I walked out and picked up the paper and on the front page I read that Steven Roland Prefontaine was killed in a car accident.I was so stunned and grieved I could barely function.To me,it was much worse than the news of JFK's death.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank You!
      For those of you who recall the golden years of track and field,or for you younger folks who want to read and see pictures of an era when Track and Field was considered a major U.S. sport with exciting stars,I can't recommend enough this
      that last word in the address is not a typo--it's vest. It really takes you back--it references so many outstanding events and athletes--Look up the U.S.--U.S.S.R. Track and Field meet for starters.

  3. I appreciate the posts. I'll always have fond memories of this site.

  4. Many thanks--it was a labor of love.

  5. You and I are on the same wavelength in so many ways. long time follower of Stotanism. Thought I'd found a goldmine when I stumbled onto your blog. Always fired me up on go long Sundays. I'll miss it!

    1. Thanks Alan--keep me on the favorites list at the top right of this page---I might post from time to time as the "spirit" or inspiration comes,this way I believe you will be alerted when something new is on.
      America--and other English speaking countries need Stotanism more than ever---Think about it---The Stotan philosophy--among other things means that-- a fit body and a developed mind = a rugged individual ready to deal with whatever comes his way in this increasingly crazy world.Couple that with eating natural--avoiding materialism and you have what everyone needs.It's a sad commentary---at least in my opinion--that most distance runners look upon Stotanism as BS.
      Always go long on Sunday---that's what reminds you why you stared running in the first place and gets you ready for the coming week.

  6. Say it ain't so, Dave.

    I really enjoyed this site and am sad to see it go. Thanks for your insight, and I wish you all the best in the future.


    1. Thanks Dan--if you have a moment see the response I made to the comment just before yours(Alan).
      I felt I might be running out of new things to say and didn't want to sound stale so I thought it might be best to stop.

  7. Thanks for the great blog. I always enjoyed your posts. Too bad you didn't tackle that last topic you hinted at:

    "Next soapbox topic--How can you call yourself a serious or hardcore runner when you do your long runs with your cellphone hung on your shorts?"

    While that teaser kind of gives it all away - it would have been a great post.

  8. To everyone out there--check out my new blog

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