Saturday, January 15, 2011

Injured,What Next?

Being injured,the dread of every runner. I'm sure it has happened to all of us at one time or another over the years. It is not my intention to provide familiar, what to do and how to treat information. The reason for this is because over the last few decades we have seen the publishing of truly excellent books pertaining to how to diagnose and what to do when you get injured.What I want to offer here is some things to keep in mind after you sustain an injury.
Those of us who live for the run realize that most injuries are a result of what is called overuse.Things like too much mileage too soon,too much intensity or overracing are the common culprits that cause us to be injured. Also,bad running shoes,continuing to run in worn-out ones and running in shoes that are just plain wrong for the type of runner we are, can lead to an injury.So what do we do when we first get injured? First off I would say,determine what brought you to the point that led you to be injured. The reason for doing this is obvious,you don't want to go out after you recover and do the same thing that got you there in the first place.Haven't we all known runners over the years that seem to be habitually injured? What's the cliche? "If one doesn't learn from their mistakes, they are doomed to repeat them."
Something else,and this should be obvious,don't try to "run through" your injury.If it hurts to run,don't run. I read somewhere that if you don't do any physical exercise for a week you lose 5% of your fitness level, after two weeks it was something like 10% and then after that point the drop-off increased dramatically.Another suggestion would be, if you get injured don't immediatedly call the Doctor. Now, let me add this disclaimer,if you have chest pains or trouble breathing, of course you seek treatment immediately. I'm referring to orthopedic and related injuries here.I can't tell you how many times I went to a physician many years ago for running injuries and his prescription was; rest,ice and motrin. I needed to go to a physician to find that out? Something else,keep things in perspective. Your injured,you're going to have to take some down time,do some rehab and find a suitable physical alternative to running.It's not like you(or me) are getting set to run the Olympic trials or something of that magnitude.Every weekend,month and year brings another race.Sure it is disappointing to miss a planned race but part of being tough is accepting,adjusting and moving on. The great thing about the improvement in technology is that there are a variety of things you can utilize to maintain fitness while recovering from an injury.In the "old days" it seemed like all there was,was a stationary cycle.One last thing I would suggest is that if you find you have the extra time while rehabbing,use this time to work your mind. Read things that strengthen you mentally as well as physically.Don't allow yourself to be someone who is one dimensionsal,a person who only works their body. If you look at some of the quotes by the greats of athletics,you will repeatedly read of the necessity of being trained intellectually as well as physically.This is how you become the complete athlete.

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