Friday, January 7, 2011

Something to Think About,pt.1

"My (Stotan) philosophy is based on communication with nature,this communication takes place when the person sleeps under the stars at night,hears the birds in the morning,feels the sand between his toes,smells the flowers,hears the surf. Nature can bring the mind and body into perfect harmony and balance with the universe. This is one of the factors that allows the athlete to reach new levels of excellence." Quote by Percy Cerutty.
The above is the essence of Cerutty's philosophy,sure there was more to it but this was at the core. If you doubt the above I say give it a try. Let me add that I don't mean you go to the crowded local park and do a couple of miles along the bike path. Seek out an area that hopefully is somewhat secluded and has a long trail system or a mountain area that has trails,go there early in the morning and do a long run. You will then understand what he is talking about. Cerutty also believed that training should not become routine and predictable,doing the same workouts over the same places day after day has a dulling effect on an athlete's mind,body and soul.

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