Monday, January 10, 2011

Something to Think About,pt.2

Kenny Moore is one of the two best writers when it comes to the subject of anything having to do with running,the other is John L.Parker. As you may know, he was a great runner whose accomplishments included being a member of the '68 and '72 U.S. Olympic marathon teams as well as a six time consecutive winner of the prestigious Bay to Breakers race. I should also add that he finished 4th in the 1972 Olympic marathon.
What follows is a quote from an article he wrote in Guide to Distance Running,(1971).
"The enduring satisfaction of distance running is not in records that will eventually be broken,not in knowing that you were the best or ran well on a given day. It lies in knowing that you learned how to be brave and do something better than you first thought you could,and perhaps in knowing that you surprised a few people along the way."
A recurring theme of those who have allowed themselves to look at distance running as being more than simply racing and pr's, is the discovery that it can offer so much more to the runner.

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