Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Distance Runner

"Team sports were never for me,
I can't see depending on others to play.
Gyms,courts and fields are all too confining,I crave the freedom of the roads and trails. My first thought in the morning is where my next run will be.
Some say I'm foolish but I know better, See I'm a distance runner,that's all I want to be," (author unknown). There comes a point when you realize that running is more than just a sport you do in your free time,it has become a part of who you are as a person. Those who don't run or share your passion may view your zeal for running as inappropriate or misguided. In response to this I ask, what makes one man's passion more or less worthy? To paraphrase Cerutty, "those who don't do, can never know." Ideally,involvement in a sport such as running should lead to the betterment in character of all those who engage in that sport.

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