Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Learning From the Legends,pt.3

Bill Rodgers and Frank Shorter were the big names in American distance running during the 70's. Rodgers was probably the most popular of the two due in part to the fact that he was very approachable and personable.Also,it certainly didn't hurt that he was a prolific and very successful runner.He ran countless road races,ran 59 marathons,won 22 of them and ran 28 under 2:15. I believe there was one stretch in the mid-70's when he won 44 road races in a row.His book written with Joe Concannon entitled Marathoning, is a must have for all runners.Bill Rodgers was,and continues to be, the goodwill ambassador for running. What repeatedly comes through in his interviews is his love for running and all that it has to offer the athlete.The following quotes confirm this and offer some basic yet insightful truths about the purest of all sports.
Here he speaks of the simplicity and appeal of running: "Anybody can be a runner...We were meant to move.We were meant to run.It's the easiest sport. Being a runner means you are now free to win and lose and live life to its fullest."
To the above quotes I add this,to those who don't run or don't love running, they cannot understand the statement that being a runner can help you to "live life to its fullest."
Those who live for the run may very well have said this last quote at one time themselves': "I want to run until I can't run." Amen to that Bill.

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