Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Sometimes Forgotten Benefits of Running

We sometimes forget or take for granted all the benefits of running. We love to run for a variety of reasons,some we may realize,some we may not. The two quotes by Roger Bannister and Joe Henderson that you are about to read give some thoughts on why we run and why we need to run. Taking into account the state of the world and society today,what is quoted below is more relevant now then when it was originally written 40 years ago.
"We seek individual freedom in a world that of neccessity imposes more and more restrictions. The less we find freedom in our work,the more we shall need to find freedom in the games we play,"( from The First Four Minutes by Roger Bannister).
"Running is(or can be) a highly valuable aid to getting our values and priorities screwed back around. And it can give a meaningful anchor we can grab ahold of to keep from being tossed about quite so much by all the alienation and irrelevance swirling around us, (from a 1970 Runner's World article by Joe Henderson).

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