Thursday, August 18, 2011

Post Marathon Nutrition

Athletes who want to learn and find info on all things pertaining to exercise,nutrition and training need only to look to exercise physiologist Dr. David Costill. Known for his decades with the Human Performance Lab at Ball State University,I should also add that for a period of time in his life he ran 70 miles a week while training for marathons. His book, Physiology of Sport and Exercise, is an excellent resource that is able to be understood by us folks who have a minimal background in anatomy and physiology. What follows is a continuation of posts that will pertain to all things marathon. Again,with the fall marathon season coming we all need to be informed and ready.This excerpt from Dr. Costill pertains to post marathon nutrition: "In order to recover as rapidly as possible, the obvious thing is to consume considerable carbohydrates.Probably the first meal after the marathon should be like the last big meal before. If the night before you have spaghetti or some other heavy carbohydrate,the meal after competition should be very much the same. You want to recover as much of that used up glycogen as possible. It takes 3 to 5 days to recover the glycogen. That's part of the problem of recovering from a marathon. A lot of people don't go after the carbohydrates hard enough,and that is part of the cause for the fatigue and difficulties in getting back to running form again." Personally speaking, I wish I had read this a long time ago,recovering from marathons probably would have gone a whole lot better.

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