Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Words From the Master

Lydiard said that well-conditioned athletes can remain in top form for months,but,only if they take these precautions: 1. Avoid training and racing hard at the same time. 2. Allow for recovery from races. The reason for this is, now that its racing season, "it's only a matter of keeping fresh and sharp." The beauty of Lydiard's system is that it is so logical; progressive work and stress, culminating with a runner achieving peak racing condition. This condition can be maintained as long as one doesn't keep on with the heavy amounts of interval training while racing. How many of you have seen athletes continue with too many intervals well into their racing season? Arthur summed it all up when he said the following: "Successful training is intelligent training; intelligent training is knowing the why of exercise,as well as what and how."

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