Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's a New Year

Happy New Year! I have two reasons for posting on what is usually an off day.
One, is to let those who have just come across this site know that new articles are published each Wednesday and Saturday.Also,check out the 300+ archived articles that can be accessed on the right side of this page.
The other reason is to reinforce the idea that the start of a new year really can be a new start for those of us 'who live for the run' (see my last post on runners and New Year's resolutions).
If you make no other resolutions consider at least one that rejects all negativity as it pertains to what you can and cannot do..
As someone once said: "we can accomplish infinitely more than we think we can."


  1. Thanks for the reminder to stay positive during adversity and challenging times. I look forward to reading your posts in 2013.... you have inpired me as well to begin writing a blog. Have a great year, Dave...

    1. wayneristau.blogspot.com

      Is that you in the 1988 photo?

    2. Hey thanks--I'll check it out--yeah,that's me.You remember the Adidas shoes I am wearing in the picture? What a great shoe it was,very light training shoe,I can't recall the name.

  2. Thanks! Let me know when you have your blog up and running (no pun intended).The web needs good running blogs.

  3. I believe the shoe you were wearing in the Cape Cod Marathon was the (adidas) Oregon with the “Dellinger web” that wrapped around the mid sole.

    Thanks for your blog. I haven’t read many blogs lately and am catching up this morning. Your comments on Coach Vigil’s philosophy are great. He is a wonderful person. Where did you draw your material from. Thanks.

  4. Walt
    Unreal! You are right on the Adidas--when you mentioned Oregon it brought it all back to me.
    The Coach Vigil source is his excellent book,Road To The Top which I'm sure can be obtained used on Amazon.One of the many things I like about the book is that Coach Vigil stresses the necessity of building integrity and character as well as the physical aspects of an athlete.