Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Some Things To Think About

I like reading things that make me stop and think. The following fits that category.There is much truth and food for thought in what you are about to read.I am uncertain as to the authors of the following,some I believe are quotes by Arthur Lydiard.
"The difference between two men may not be in their physical potential so much as in what they believe to be physically possible."
I've seen it happen repeatedly,particularly when I was a high school coach,where the athlete who was confident in his abilities would beat a more naturally gifted,but less confident runner.
"How terribly hard it it is to do something that everyone believes is impossible."
Sixteen runners went under four minutes for the mile within two years after Roger Bannister first broke what was once thought to be an impossible mark.
We may not be trying to break any world records but just the same we need to tune out those who say we can't do this or we shouldn't bother trying that.
"Of ten runners or more that walk up to any starting line,all tend to assume that he alone is nervous."
Isn't that the truth. To varying degrees,all runners have have common hopes and fears.
"Success in endurance running comes not only through physical conditioning but also from quick thinking,intelligent planning and the reckless courage to risk more of oneself in the race than will any of the competition."
This last quote makes me think of 1968 Olympic marathoner Ron Daws,his one,two and three mile pr's when he graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1960 were: 4:30, 9:43 and 15:22. To say they are unremarkable for someone who would be a future member of the U.S. Olympic team would be a gross understatement.Daws credits his improvement to Lydiard and paying attention to details that other runners overlooked.
If you have a bad case of 'I can't do it,' then you need to read and study The Self-Made Olympian by Ron Daws.
Distance running is loaded with talented athletes who never reached their potential as well as it is with runners who got the most out of what limited gifts they were born with and achieved great personal success.

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  1. Nice series of quotes and commentary. If you have been in th running scene long enough, you learn top competitors are not always the most talented athletes.