Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Why We Run

Why do some of us have a passion for running that many would say borders on the fanatical? Over the years essays,books and articles have been written on this subject.The following was taken from a 1998 issue of The Stotan News and gives one man's view on why he loves distance running so much. Due to the fact that I could only find one page from the article,I am missing the name of the person who wrote this. I believe,but I'm not entirely certain, that it was written by Olympic gold medalist (in the marathon) Frank Shorter. He says:
" I am seeking an inner satisfaction that only I can determine,not the recognition of applause,headlines or alot of money.Running is not my job.Running is not, for me,working,though surely it is,at times,hard work.Running for me is a form of self-expression.Though I don't necessarily intend it as such,it is a statement of who I am and a lot of what I hope to be,even if what I become takes me away from running.Running is the absolute in my life,and I admit to its control over me--a control that may not always seem to be in my best interests,but then,who is to say? Above all else I run for fun,for the expansive feeling I get from running,and while that feeling is enhanced by winning,it is not enhanced by the prospect of being paid for it."
So well put---I particularly like, "above all else I run for fun,for the expansive feeling I get from running."

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