Saturday, May 18, 2013

Advice For the Long Run

Most of us who live for the run want to run till,well.....we're not around anymore.Consider the following:
"The runner who keeps going is one who is friendly with himself,who grows and adapts to changing conditions as he goes, and whose greatest pleasure is in where he is,not in where he has been or where he is headed."
The above makes me think of the song by James Taylor entitled,"The Secret of Life." The first line of this song goes,"The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time."
So many runners I've known refuse to face the reality of aging and continue hammering workouts in the desperate hope of delaying the inevitable drop-off in performance that comes with age. These runners are definitely not being "friendly" with themselves. They are opening the door to frustration,discouragement,and inevitably,a diminishing of the enjoyment that can be gained from running.Is anything worth killing our love for the run?
"Living in the moment" has over the years become a new age cliche but it is very applicable to aging and the running experience.Instead of mulling over the fact you are not running the times you once did,be thankful you are still able to run today and make the changes that will minimize "the passage of time."

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