Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Quote That Says it All

The quote that says it all about distance running was written by Kenny Moore,perhaps running's greatest writer.Not surprisingly,he was an excellent runner himself.If you have not read his books and articles I would highly recommend that you do.Begin with Best Efforts for starters and then search out the Sports Illustrated archived article on  marathoner Mamo Wolde( a link to that article is in the comments section below). Whoever said winning is everything didn't know distance running.
Kenny Moore writes:
"The enduring satisfaction of distance running is not in in records that will inevitably be broken,not in knowing that you were the best on a given day.It lies in knowing that you have learned how to be brave and to do something better than you first thought you could,and perhaps in knowing you amazed a few people along the way."
Not much you can add to that.

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