Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Some Reasons Why We Love To Run

Why do we love running so much? Joe Henderson says it best when he writes that running is a "vital counter balance to the often oppressive weight of modern living."
Consider these other reasons as to why running is so appealing:
"1.The more we are burdened with mental work,the more we need to strike a physical balance."
And for those who don't seek the physical outlet,the more likely they are to seek solace in unhealthy activities like overeating,drugs or alcohol.
"2.The more we meet with collective repression,the more we need individual expression."
Most of us are controlled by others in the workplace,not so in our running life.
"3.The more we're alienated from one activity,the more we need strong attachment to another."
I don't know about you but with some jobs I've had,if I didn't have running I would have lost my mind.
"4.The more complex our lifestyle,the more we need a simple uncluttered routine."
Running should always be a return to all things simple and basic.As Cerutty said,running should never become regimented work.
"5.The more we become civilized,the more we need to revert to a more primitive state."
What do you think the reason is that you feel so good and free when you are running the trails deep in the woods somewhere?

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