Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cerutty Speaks

"Success should never be gauged just in terms of records or victories. Success should be measured by how much the person enjoys what he is doing and to what degree he is striving to do his best," a quote by Percy Cerutty. It would be safe to say that one man's perception of success might be another's idea of having failed.As said previously, often times the path to "getting there" is more satisfying than actually reaching your goal. Also, the journey,and what you learned and experienced along the way can make up for the possible disappointment you might feel in not reaching that goal. Do not get so hung up on the goal that you ignore all the things that are going on during the pursuit.Ultimately though,for those of us who live for the run, the enjoyment that Cerutty mentions above comes from the act of running.

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