Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yiannis Kouros Speaks

Yiannis Kouros is the greatest ultrarunner of all-time--bar none-- no dispute--no question.If you don't believe this then simply do a search on Google for a list of his records and you will see for yourself. His running accomplishments can be best described as otherworldly. I would highly recommend his documentary Forever Running to anyone who has a love of running. In this video you will get into the head,heart and soul of a genuine superstar. When Yiannis speaks we should all listen. The following is from an interview done in the mid 80's, he said: "I always choose new goals, it inspires me to try something that I think may be impossible." Have we set any new goals recently?

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  1. To see a partial list as well as a link to all of his records,check out the following: