Thursday, April 21, 2011

Grete Waitz

Many runners may not have known much about Grete Waitz prior to her passing yesterday. She was a great runner who accomplished much during her career. If you are unfamiliar with her I would suggest that for starters you go to Wikipedia and read her bio. She won the New York City marathon 9 times, qualified for the Olympic Games 5 times, set several marathon and distance records and won countless prestigious road races. But,as is often the case with the running greats, she was a genuinely good person who was a wonderful ambassador for her sport. She offered the following quote in commenting about the illness that eventually led to her death. It is both insightful and instructive. What she said made me realize that events and things in our life which may seem so troublesome or important, really aren't when you look at what truly matters. Something we should keep in mind each day is that tomorrow is guaranteed to no one. Grete said:

"You go into the disease as one person and come out of it as a different person. It has changed my perspective on everything,things that upset me no longer do."

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