Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gauging Your Level of Commitment

Been contemplating the inclusion of the words, F-bomb and Man Cave in the new edition of Webster's Dictionary.Ah,further proof I'm getting old.
Many of you can relate to this--the joy of finding new running routes.
Running is the only thing that consistently keeps me grounded and happy.
The following pertains to determining your level of running commitment.
Is it any surprise that the higher your level of commitment to running the better your performance?

Rate yourself on each of the ten conditions by circling one number from one to five.Then add up all the numbers you circled  for your total score.A score of 32 to 39 indicates average commitment. 40 and above shows your commitment is strong.

                                       Low                                                                         High
                                     (completely false)                         Avg.                                  
                                                  1            2                  3                   4              5

Commitment Conditions

1. Willing to sacrifice other          1             2                   3                4           5
things to excel in the sport.

2.Really want to become an          1             2                  3                4            5
outstanding runner.

3.Never let up or give up in           1              2                  3                4          5
a race.

4.Work hard to correct                 1                2                 3                 4         5
mistakes from past events.

5.Give 100% effort when                1                2                3                 4         5

6.Train during all weather                 1               2                  3             4           5

7.Put in extra time preparing              1                2              3                4           5
for big events.

8.Push hard even when it hurts           1                2                 3           4            5
(races or training).

9.Feel more committed to improve-     1                2                3               4        5
ment in running than anything else.

10.Feel more successful or gain           1                2                 3              4        5
more recognition in running than
anything else.

I really like numbers 9 and 10. Reportedly the above chart was devised by Terry Orlick, I think it's quite good. If you honestly look at yourself you can get a good idea of your level of commitment. Some runners think their level of commitment is higher than it actually is. The above chart can be a true reality check in that regard.Hopefully this scale will make you aware of the areas you need to work on. With a raising of your score will eventually come an increase in your level of performance.


  1. Nice Dave..thanks for the info. Here are a couple videos I put together from photos I took at the Olympic Trials in Eugene.

  2. Thanks! I always appreciate getting things like this.