Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Some Self Examination Thoughts

So many runners read the books and magazines that describe the exploits and successes of other athletes.For many, they are living  their athletic lives vicariously through the lives of these "superstars." You see abundant evidence of this when you browse through some of the more heavily visited running forums on the internet. Cerutty taught that it is better to be doers rather than spectators. It is in the doing that we become fully alive,that we feel there is something special going on in our lives.
In many of us lies a persistent feeling that we need to fully commit,to explore what we can accomplish athletically.
If you feel this may be speaking to you, consider the following:
Do you have the desire? Have you tried to suppress and ignore these desires,yet still they persist?
Do you have the urge? The feeling that it is something you must pursue.
Do you feel there is a need? This means, irregardless of who you are or your age, you recognize that there is a worthiness that is inherent in fully exploring what you can do athletically.
In closing,things have gotten a little out of wack in this world when most believe that the pursuit of possessions and money,no matter what the cost,is the way to go,while living out your athletic dreams is pure foolishness.
Ignore the hype and pressure, it's an empty,superficial way, don't ignore your desires,follow your heart.

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