Wednesday, August 1, 2012

This Running Life,pt.1

I enjoy the early writings of Joe Henderson,long time editor and writer for Runners World magazine. In reading his books and articles over the years,it's quite evident that Joe has had a lifelong passion for running.He is often quite insightful as to the essence of running. Consider this quote: "Running satisfies needs far deeper and more basic than showing me I can run a three hour marathon....running serves as a vital counter balance to the often oppressive weight of modern living." What Joe relates is more relevant today  then when he wrote it 38 years ago if you consider how much our society has changed since then. In the following he provides some convincing reasons why running is an integral part of our lives. After some of the entries I'll add a few comments.
"The more noisy and crowded life becomes,the more we need a quiet time alone with our thoughts."
How true,that's why we should leave the ear phones and the music at home when we go out for a run.I know runners who will not do a workout without them.Are they afraid to be alone with their thoughts? We must break away from the urge to always want to be entertained.
"The easier and more comfortable our daily existence, the more passive,the more we need activity,effort,even a bit of pain."
For some reason this makes me think of the commercial I saw last night encouraging parents to get their children outside to do an hour of activity a day. I felt like I was watching something from another planet. We've gotten to that point in society? If one is not active, there is a grim future awaiting that child or adult.Take a walk through a Mall or down a street and do a survey of what percentage of the people are overweight.It's shocking. We feel best when we are fit and active.
"The more we are forced to live and work indoors,the more we need to escape to the outdoors."
You know when people really understand how true this statement is? It's when those who normally don't go outside much spend the day in a park,the woods or on a quiet beach.Indoors is unnatural.I feel bad for those who work indoors all day and then go to a local air-conditioned gym to get a workout. We have come to accept being indoors.Too many of us have gotten away from the simple pleasure that comes from being a part of nature.
More to follow.......

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