Saturday, September 29, 2012

Quotes To Consider

Don't we all need encouragement and insightful quotes that can help us along the way as we strive for athletic excellence? Quotes that,among other things,make us think and consider? Contemplate the following:
"A man shows what he is by what he does with what he has." Anonymous
So true! Only in distance running can a less naturally talented, but harder working runner,beat a  more gifted one. Here's to the distance runners who didn't let a lack of foot speed and God given talent stop them.
"How a man plays the game shows something of his character,how he loses shows all of it." Anonymous
Add to that-- and how he deals with setbacks along the way.
"Only the man himself knows his limits,and he's no runner unless he pushes himself to the limits." Herb Elliott
Why am I not surprised that Herb Elliott said that?
"It matters not how long we live,but how." Anonymous
So,so true.As I get older I realize the truth of that quote even more.
"Set a goal--then get rid of those things in your life which keep you from attaining that goal." Anonymous
Very Cerutty. What's the saying? "You can't have it both ways"?
"Oftentimes the roughest road may be the best way to where you want to go." Anonymous
Don't be too quick to curse the difficulties and obstacles,they very well may be the builders of strength and character.
"No life ever grows great until its focused,dedicated and disciplined."
Three essential keys to success.
Have a great Sunday---go long!

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  1. The great Kiwi John Walker with Steve Ovett to his right.Below is some blunt yet very true comments from John about the state of big time distance running these days:

    "Sport these days is very different. 'When money started to become dominant, that’s
    when people in athletics really began
    to cheat,’ he says. ‘I’m not saying they
    weren’t around in my day because they
    were. But now I believe the sport’s been
    ruined by drugs and the Olympics
    have therefore become a farce."