Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Something To Think About

Sometimes,certain things that seem to be unrelated to the subject of running really are. As the title of Lasse Viren's legendary documentary declared:"Running is My Life," a life that is intelligently committed to athletics should bring more than just pr's,records and medals.It is hoped that there would come an appreciation for life itself. A life that is not dependent on material possessions and the endless array of activities and entertainment.The following is a call for some to get back to the basics where true peace and contentment are found.
Inspired by Daisetz Suzuki---
We humans are too concerned with things.
Activities,things and too many people clutter our lives.
All this clutter causes us to lose sight of the beauty,the simplicity of this life.

Listen in an open room undisturbed by man made devices.
Do not be afraid of what you might hear or think.
We have forgotten to listen for the beauty.
The beauty of the ocean waves upon the shore or the wind through the trees and brush.
Accept and embrace this beauty which is life.
Leave behind the clutter and confusion we have created.
Only then will we truly experience the beauty of this life.

The Sage

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