Friday, May 13, 2011

Angry AL Again: You May Be a Trendie 21th Century Kind of Runner If:

Back in March I introduced a runner we call Angry Al. After my post the other day entitled,You're a Retro Runner If, Al sent me his version entitled,You may Be a Trendie 21th Century Kind of Runner If. True to form, Al demonstrates why he earned the surname "Angry". Although I don't necessarily agree with all that he writes I find much of it humourous.Here goes, You May be a Trendie 21th Century Kind of Runner If: 1.You change training systems at least once every year. 2.Bemoan the fact that you can't find the fluorescent tights in the colors you like anymore. 3.Are certain running sleeves and knee high running socks are essential running gear. 4.Actually believe a certain exercise physiologist is the "World's Best Coach." 5.You eagerly await each issue of Runner's World and Men's Health(for the ladies,RW and Shape magazine).6. Honestly believe that running a marathon is THE ultimate running accomplishment.7. Believe a cool down is having a cold drink after your run. 8.You've been pricing bikes for months due to the fact you're now seriously considering a triathlon because running is getting to be "kind of boring." 9. You have no clue who Arthur Lydiard is but can tell me who formulated the V-dot system. 10.Believe "six-pack" abs are really a sign of being healthy and are something a runner should try to have. 11.You believe doing a trail race is "living on the edge."
My favorite is #11,years ago when certain runners found out I raced on the trails they acted like I was doing something that was kind of dangerous. The reality is,is that every person who races should try a trail race,it will forever change the way they look at running and racing.

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