Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Food For Thought

You've read it on this blog before,tomorrow is promised to no one. So many things can happen that could change what you do and how you live in an instant. Each day we need to remind ourselves of this. What follows are some things to consider. When I read it I thought of a bumper sticker I occasionally see,it says: "Live the life you love." Consider this: "The Best day-Today, The Best Work-What You Like, The Greatest Stumbling Block-Your Ego, The Greatest Mistake-Giving Up, The Greatest Need-Common Sense, The Greatest Wealth-Health, The Great Sin-Fear, Your Enemies-Envy,Greed,Self-Indulgence,Self-Pity, Life's Greatest Adventure-growth on the Physical,Mental and Spiritual Plane, The Greatest Race To Win-A Long Vigorous Life,"(author unknown).

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